CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy
CBM3 Push Buggy

CBM3 Push Buggy

The CBM3 is the evolution of where it all began – the lightest, most compact buggy available. With featherweight ‘snowflake’ design pull wheels, it’s the perfect system for players who want to travel light, and glide around the course.

The CBM3 Push Buggy offers a range of unique features plus a streamlined profile that makes for ideal storage and transportation. Operation is with a quick setup and pack away. The removable wheels can be stored in the wheel bag provided when not in use.


**Golf bag not included**

CBM3 Push Features

 ✓ The world's most compact and innovative golf push buggy
The CBM3 is a 3-Wheel push buggy that quickly and seamlessly attaches to your golf bag using the Concourse Strapless Connection System for convenience.

 ✓ Saving space in your vehicle and time setting up
The easy-to-use design means more time on the course.

 ✓ Built with high-grade materials
The award-winning CBM3 achieves a perfect balance of refinement and usability.

 ✓ Clever and convenient
Unlike other trolleys, designed to be connected to a bag, stay upright when unfolded and has the most compact profile when compared to any other push buggy in its class.


 ✓ CBM3 Golf Buggy

 ✓ Wheel Bag

 ✓ Instruction Card


 ✓ Accessories Bag

 ✓ Umbrella Holder

 ✓ Drink Holder

 ✓ Mobile Phone / GPS Holder

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Seamless bluetooth remote control experience allows you to turn in all directions and choose between 7 forward speeds, giving you ultimate control around the course.


The latest updates, all over-the-air and free, ensuring you get the most updated and technologically advanced wheels on the course.


At only 4kg per wheel, Smart Wheels is the first electric golf buggy to have compact in-wheel motors. 

This means no cables or wires, lower center of gravity for greater traction, and the ability to add Smart Wheels to all popular buggies.


Smart Wheels have a 27 hole capacity battery life with a quick 3 hour recharge.


Keep stable across the course and across all-terrain. Independent operation 7-speed brushless motors deliver greater agility on the course. 

Agility and stability - precision gyro sensors keep your buggy stable. Tackling all-terrain with confidence.


Easy folding mechanism means 30 seconds to put up or down your buggy. No tricky fiddling or low quality mechanisms.

Compact enough to fit snugly in your boot.



I was lucky enough to be given a CBM3 as a gift from Christmas time last year. I use the Concourse golf buggy three to four times every week and find that it is extremely compact and easy to set up and take down. I love how little space it takes up in the boot of my car, leaving room for shopping and all my other golf accessories. I would have no hesitation in recommending this golf buggy to any regular golfer. We love this product and have no issues with it.

Paul T

I am John from Western Australia and purchasing a Concourse model CBM3 buggy was one of the best buys I have made. It is compact, sturdy and easy to set up and virtually adds no additional size to my golf bag perfect for freeing up boot space and great to use as well.


My old bag and buggy were always a hassle getting in and out of the car. Seemed to take forever to get set up and then pack away.Wow what a difference the new CBM 3 combo makes.

Firstly, the compact design easily fits into the boot and the light weight material makes lifting in and out a breeze. Then with just 4 clicks – 1 to open the buggy and then click the 3 wheels into place – and I am ready to head to the first tee. So simple but so smart and the best buggy I have ever pushed around. After the round, the wheels go into their own bag keeping the car clean.

Great Australian innovation.



The batteries take 3 to 4 hours to charge

The Smart Wheel Batteries will have the same life expectancy as existing golf buggy (lithium batteries) and this is directly determined by the number of times a week you play and how many times the batteries are recharged.

The batteries can be charged on or off the buggy or even in
the carry case.

The batteries should be charged after each use, regardless
of how many holes you have played.

The remote should be charged with the wheels after every
round of golf.

The batteries should be left on charge at all times, while
the wheels are not in use.

Yes, the lithium batteries inside each Smart Wheels are fully replaceable. Please contact Concourse Golf if you require your batteries to be replaced.

There are 7 forward speed settings on the remote and 1 reverse speed.

Our Wheels are totally sealed with no exposed wiring as the electronics are situated higher from the ground than most electronics on traditional electric golf buggies. The motors are far more water resistant that a traditional electric golf buggy motor. The wheels are not designed to be fully submerged in water, they are fully water resistant designed for normal operating use and conditions.

Yes, the Smart Wheels will work with buggies that do not have a rotating front wheel. These Smart Wheels are programmed for a softer turn – meaning that for buggies that have a fixed front wheel, they turn on a slightly wider arc.

For more information as to how you set-up your Concourse Smart Wheels for a fixed or rotating front wheel golf buggy, please refer to Section 10 on page 16 of your Concourse Golf Smart Wheel Instruction manual.

Yes. there is a freewheeling mode which is easily activated by pressing the button in the middle of the wheels and partially sliding the wheels out which will enable you to feel them click into '1st position' This enables the wheels to rotate freely and your buggy to be pushed manually. 

To update the software on your Concourse Smart Wheels, please click here.

Yes, the Smart Wheels have built in Engine Braking which assists the operator on downhill slopes.

Yes the Smart Wheels have a park brake function. Please refer to the Operating Instructions for detailed information on the use of the Park Brake.

The Smart Wheels have no auto distance function as there is
no need with a remote control. To set the required distance, you just press the forward or reverse button until where you want it to stop.

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