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Smart Wheels

The wheels take 3 to 4 hours to charge.

The Smart Wheels batteries contain premium lithium cells that are designed to recharge for over 800 charging cycles before their capacity may drop by 20% of their original charging capacity.

The wheels can be charged on or off the buggy or even in the carry case using the magnetic charger power cable. Page 5 of the Smart Wheels S2 Instruction manual demonstrates the charging process.

We recommend that the batteries should be charged after each round of golf, regardless of how many holes you have played. Best practise is to leave the wheels on charge the night before you play.

The remote should be charged with the wheels after every round of golf.

The wheels should be left on charge at all times while the wheels are not in use. The wheels can not be overcharged so leaving them on charge is perfectly fine.

Yes, the lithium batteries inside the Smart Wheels are fully replaceable. Please contact Concourse Golf if you require your batteries to be replaced. Under the two year warranty offered on the Smart Wheels we will service your wheels free of charge if you experience any technical issues.

There are 7 forward speed settings you can manage to match your walking pace on the remote and 1 reverse speed.

The Concourse Smart Wheels are designed to play in torrential rain. They are not designed to be submerged past the axle or cleaned with a high pressure hose. We recommend that the wheels are stored inside when not in use.

Yes, the Smart Wheels will work with buggies that do not have a rotating front wheel. These Smart Wheels are programmed for a softer turn – meaning that for buggies that have a fixed front wheel, they turn on a slightly wider arc.

For more information as to how you set-up your Concourse Smart Wheels for a fixed or rotating front wheel golf buggy, please refer to Section 10 on page 16 of your Concourse Golf Smart Wheel Instruction manual.

Yes. there is a freewheeling mode which is easily activated by pressing the button in the middle of the wheels and partially sliding the wheels out which will enable you to feel them click into '1st position' This enables the wheels to rotate freely and your buggy to be pushed manually. 

To update the software on your Concourse Smart Wheels, please click here.

Yes, the Smart Wheels have built in automatic motor braking which assists the operator on downhill slopes.

Yes the Smart Wheels have a park brake function. Please refer to the Operating Instructions for detailed information on the use of the Park Brake.

General Enquiries

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Concourse Golf has a comprehensive 2 year nationwide warranty on Power Buggy Combos and Smart Wheels products only, excluding free supplied promotional products. Click here to find out more.

Yes. Concourse Golf offers package purchases for Smart Wheels, All Golf Buggies and Golf Bag purchases.

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Concourse Golf
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Yes. Concourse Golf
offers package purchases for Smart Wheels, All Golf Buggies and Golf Bag

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