At Concourse Golf everything we do, every product we make, serves a simple purpose - to enable you to enjoy the game more. It's why we don't follow conventions, we define new ones.

From day one, Concourse's vision has been to design golf equipment that allows the owner to focus less on their equipment and more on the game at hand.

The guiding principles of design have been three-fold:

•Portable: Light-weight and simple to attach
•Compatible: The ability to integrate with existing products in the market
•Agile: From wireless design through to performance features

The combination of the three making Concourse's products the most versatile on the market.

In 2015, following the development of the most compact and lightweight push buggy in golf - Concourse took on the challenge to deliver the most efficient and compact remote-controlled system possible.

Self propelled wheels with wireless control seemed to be the logical solution. The execution however was not at all striaght forward - so much so that it had never been done before.

Designing motors, batteries, a drivetrain and a computer to fit neatly within a wheel hub was certainly an engineering challenge. To then combine it with wireless communication between identical wheels that had the ability to deliver effortless power, precision sterring and straight-line tracking, was an engineering Everest.

After turning a blue sky concept into a working prototype in November 2016 Concourse filed a global patent for the 'Smart Wheels'. Then in 2019 after four years of development with the ultimate application in mind, the Smart Wheels technology was launched into golf. The Concourse Smart Wheels are another exciting Australian innovation that is also proudly made in Australia.