walk the walk

Walking the course keeps you fit and has multiple health benefits! A typical round of 18 holes is approximately 7km, or 10,000 steps. Regularly walking the golf course can be a great step to keeping your exercise levels up, which can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Walking the course allows you to stay in rythym between shots so you can focus on your game. People who walk the course on average score better than those who ride in a cart, so clear your mind and walk the walk!

without strain

Having an electric buggy allows you to walk the course and get all of the health benefits that comes with it, without having to carry your bag the whole time!

Carrying a bag on your shoulders for a round of golf can strain your back and shoulder muscles, which can have an adverse effect on your game and mindset while playing.

Even pull carts can negatively effect your game, added strain on your forearms that comes with a pull cart has been found to negatively affect a players swing.

It's That Easy

Concourse Golf is your perfect solution, walk the course round after round so you can stay active and soak in those days out on the course!