Smart Wheels
Smart Wheels
Smart Wheels
Smart Wheels
Smart Wheels
Smart Wheels
Smart Wheels
Smart Wheels

Smart Wheels

The Concourse Smart Wheels® Series 2 give you the ability to upgrade your push buggy to a remote-control electric golf buggy in seconds. Completely wireless with a high torque motor for all terrain control, Smart Wheels will effortlessly power your buggy around the course round after round. With custom axle adapters in every set of wheels, you can click Smart Wheels on and off your buggy in one motion for easy transport to and from the course.

Power Features

 ✓ Smart Wheels - the optimal way to power a golf buggy
High-powered wireless self-driving wheels, containing: brushless motors, lithium batteries and a cutting-edge technology platform, weighing just 4.1kg each.

 ✓ Remote Control
Intuitive precision steering up to 50M, compact ergonomic controller.

 ✓ Straight-line Tracking - SensorFusion
Most effective automatic directional control in golf.

 ✓ Downhill Braking and Incline Pace Management
Dynamic and instinctive speed control reducing required effort.

 ✓ Assisted Manual Steering
Instant and automatic transition to and from full remote-control mode.

 ✓ Personalised Performance
7 forward speeds, reverse, zero-turn, active speed recovery.

 ✓ Integrated Batteries
27-holes per charge, 4-hour recharge with magnetic plugs, Airline travel safe.

 ✓ Further Smart Wheel Features
IP65 weather resistant, Free-spinning mode, update via the Concourse App

 ✓ Internationally Awarded Australian Innovation

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Walking - The Smart Choice

Feel better with a remote control power buggy:
• Golf was always meant to be a walking game.
• Walking the golf course is a great form of exercise that over time makes a significant difference to your health and wellbeing.
• Studies that you score better when you walk - there's a reason why the pros do it.

Swing Preparation

• Sitting in a cart or having your arms in front of you steering a standard electric buggy all day is not ideal.
• Walking freely keeps your upper body moving and agile, which is your best preparation as you approach the next shot.
• A remote control adds freedom and independence to your game, keeping your hands and arms relaxed, and improving your golf swing in the process.

Better Golf

It's hard to match the feeling of walking down the fairway heading straight to your ball after a great drive, ready to play your next shot, with your equipment by your side:
• With a remote control buggy you can walk freely with less distractions allowing you to relax more and sharpen your focus to play your best golf.
• Walking directly on the green then straight off to the next tee, while you send your buggy around the green is just one way a remote control conserves your time and energy for what matters most, your next shot.

Remote Vs Manual Steer Electric

A remote-control electric buggy is the quickest and most efficient and enjoyable way to play a round of golf:
• Don't burn money on a manual steer electric buggy - which will soon be obsolete.
• Spend a little extra to gain a world of freedom and benefits with no downside.
• Give yourself more time, freedom and better preparation between shots.

Latest Technology

The Concourse Smart Wheels® are the future of electric powered buggies:
• They are a complete solution with the brains and brawn elegantly concealed within the hub of each wheel.
• The sophisticated software delivers intuitive performance including directional and speed control regardless of the terrain so you can stay focused on your golf.
• You will notice how fresh you feel through your round - join the fast growing number of golfers using this advantage with Concourse.



Innovation and technological enhancements have made a remarkable impact to the enjoyment of golf. However, it’s rare that something as exciting and so broadly game changing comes along as Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels.

Australian Golf Digest

I’m very happy with the Concourse Vogue Golf Buggy and Smart Wheels. I can now fit all my golf gear into the boot of a small car and it is a lot less tiring walking the course. I highly recommend this product.

Steve L

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