5 Tips to consider when buying an electric buggy

1. if it doesn't have remote control - save your money

Golf is best when you walk, and a remote controlled buggy takes it to another level.

Don't be convinced you only need a manual steer electric buggy without a remote. It's a product concept on its last legs that will be obsolete before Santa gets here. The cost/benefit trade off compared to the freedom of a remote control buggy is simply not a fair fight.

Would you buy a pie without filling with the used by date looming?

2. The 3 must have features in an electric buggy

1. A High quality straight-line tracking system - this ensures you always maintain your desired line when heading across slopes. Without it you need to make constant directional corrections which is annoying (at best).
2. Active downhill braking and pace management - your buggy should maintain your preferred speed (and distance) irrespective of the contours of the course (without you having to think about it).
3. Assisted steering - for the occasional times you want to manually steer, your buggy should intuitively supports each turn you make and reduce the effort and concentration required.

3. Compact is King and be serious about stability

When it comes to your golf buggy, folding down to a compact size is preferred. But the trade off with compact size is potential instability on the course.

A wider footprint equals better stability – but sometimes at the price of being compact. You need an electric buggy that has all the features and enjoyment you deserve but also maintains stability on the course.

If compact means your buggy tips and rolls – then think about what is more important – size or stability?

4. Buy the latest Technology and product design

Technology continually evolves in golf. Be it the design of balls, wedges, drivers – there is always some advancement and the latest in technology to help you play better.

The same goes with your buggy. Electric buggies are not cheap, and while you might be able to save a few dollars and buy ‘recent’ technology, is that really a wise investment in your game?

For a few dollars more you can have the latest technology in a product that will stand the test of time. Should you be spending your hard earned dollars on yesterdays ideas?

5. Buy Australian

Australia is home to the most advanced wireless mobility technology in the world... Combine that knowledge with Australian Made and you have a winning combination.

Now, golfers can gain exclusive access to this extraordinary, multi award winning technology with Concourse Smart Wheels.

Why settle for less?