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These are excellent Buggies, light and remain on your golf bag and straight in the car. So well balanced I use less energy walking the course. After sales service is excellent.

Geoff W

I was lucky enough to be given a CBM3 as a gift from Christmas time last year. I use the Concourse golf buggy three to four times every week and find that it is extremely compact and easy to set up and take down. I love how little space it takes up in the boot of my car, leaving room for shopping and all my other golf accessories. I would have no hesitation in recommending this golf buggy to any regular golfer. We love this product and have no issues with it.

Paul, Tatura, Victoria

Just want to share with you how much we are enjoying our buggy. Recently I purchased the Concourse buggy for my husband.  He had been researching products and kept coming back to the Concourse because of its quality, ease to assemble, its overall weight.  One of the great things is the wheels come off and store in a separate bag so it fits very well in the boot with the clubs attached to the main frame.  It is light and easy to manoeuvre which was another reason I bought it.  When he gets to the course he just puts on the wheels and away he goes which is much easier than trying to lift a buggy out of the car, then the clubs, etc etc.  It is light to push and seems to glide.  It’s great because he doesn’t appear to be tied after playing now and has given up using the electric cart.  Great for his overall health.  This is one of the best products we have purchased and he loves it. Thank you for the quick delivery after ordering.  He had it for the special occasion.

Rhonda, Kew, NSW

The Concourse CMB3 is a convenient, easy to use addition to our weekly golf round. It packs away easily in the boot, set-up and pack-up are quicker than raking a bunker and it’s easy to push up and down the hilliest of courses. Great Australian design.

Megan & Des, Wayville, Adelaide

I am John from Western Australia and purchasing a Concourse model CBM3 buggy was one of the best buys I have made. It is compact, sturdy and easy to set up and virtually adds no additional size to my golf bag perfect for freeing up boot space and great to use as well.

John, WA

My old bag and buggy were always a hassle getting in and out of the car. Seemed to take forever to get set up and then pack away.Wow what a difference the new CBM 3 combo makes.

Firstly, the compact design easily fits into the boot and the light weight material makes lifting in and out a breeze. Then with just 4 clicks – 1 to open the buggy and then click the 3 wheels into place – and I am ready to head to the first tee. So simple but so smart and the best buggy I have ever pushed around. After the round, the wheels go into their own bag keeping the car clean.

Great Australian innovation.

David, Samford Valley, QLD

Hi David, just letting you know I am very happy with Concourse Bag/buggy. Its very light to push, very easy and quick to apply wheels, plenty of compartments for everything. I can see alot of thought went into designing this. Now all I have to do is play good golf!!

Trish H

I’ve owned and used a CBM3 and bag for some time and they are great. After using for a while, I experienced a technical issue that required me to make contact with Concourse to fix.
My testimonial relates to their after sales service, which is 2nd to none. Communication was fast and the solution provided solved my problem immediately. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Concourse products.

Mark H

I bought myself a birthday present about two years ago. A CMB3 buggy and bag combo. It is the best purchase I have made when you look at quality and ease of use. Plenty of storage on the bag. Light and space saving when you pack it in the car. Had an accident with the buggy that required a new part. Contacted Tony at Concourse. Problem solved in no time. Couldn’t be happier with the product or the service. Thanks Concourse Golf.

Ray W

I’m very happy with the Concourse Vogue Golf Buggy and Smart Wheels. I can now fit all my golf gear into the boot of a small car and it is a lot less tiring walking the course. I highly recommend this product

Steve L

Just a few words to let you know how my upgraded buggy went today. Well, I have to say, it performed just as I hoped it would perform when I first bought it. Absolutely no problems whatsoever……and it looks so much better without the strap to hold it in place! I had not a single problem when the buggy travelled over uneven ground – i.e. the rough – and, believe me, it travelled through quite a lot of rough during today’s round!One thing I would like to say, though is I think it performs much better with the longer arm fitted to the fourth wheel – it makes such a difference when climbing a steep hill. With the longer arm, I have not encountered one incident of my buggy toppling over when climbing such a hill. 
Thanks for putting up with my complaints, I’m  so glad a solution was found in the end and, thank you, personally, for your customer service.

Anonymous, NSW

Just want to let you know my replacement arrived this morning. Your after sales service is second to none in my experience with many other companies. I would like to thank all the staff involved in resolving my issues.


I’m very happy with the Concourse Golf buggy and wheels I can now fit all my golf gear into the boot of a small car and a lot less tiring walking the course. I highly recommend this product.

Steve, NSW

These are excellent Buggies light remain on your golf bag and straight in the car. So well balanced I use less energy walking the course. After sales service is excellent. Thank you very much David Mackay.

Geoff W

The Concourse Golf buggy is singularly the most innovative golf accessory I have ever used…’s genius is in its simplicity and usability and yes I was the envy of my playing group this morning !!

George D

I have the Concourse bag and buggy(CMB3) and love the convenience of leaving them as one unit, only having to remove the wheels. It is easy to push and fits nicely into the boot area of the ASX.A great product.

Kevin, Fairfield West, Victoria

As a social golfer, boot space is at a premium when getting to the course, the CBM2 with Flyweight bag is utterly perfect. To have everything in one succinct package while being completely functional is heaven. Just roll up, take your bag out, click out the handle, attach the wheels and you’re set. No worrying about space, if the club has extra buggies if yours didn’t fit in.

Cody – NSW