Vogue Buggy Upper & Lower Bag Straps


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A set of Upper and Lower bag straps to suit the Vogue Push Buggy or Vogue Power Buggy.

What our customers are saying:

Just a few words to let you know how my upgraded buggy went today. Well, I have to say, it performed just as I hoped it would perform when I first bought it. Absolutely no problems whatsoever......and it looks so much better without the strap to hold it in place! I had not a single problem when the buggy travelled over uneven ground - i.e. the rough - and, believe me, it travelled through quite a lot of rough during today's round!One thing I would like to say, though is I think it performs much better with the longer arm fitted to the fourth wheel - it makes such a difference when climbing a steep hill. With the longer arm, I have not encountered one incident of my buggy toppling over when climbing such a hill. Thanks for putting up with my complaints, I'm  so glad a solution was found in the end and, thank you, personally, for your customer service. - Anonymous, NSW – 13/6/19
  • 1 x Upper Bag Strap
  • 1 x Lower Bag Strap