Vogue Buggy Anti-Tip Wheel


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Anti-Tip 4th Wheel to suit Concourse Vogue Push and Vogue Power Buggies.

What our customers are saying:

My old bag and buggy were always a hassle getting in and out of the car. Seemed to take forever to get set up and then pack away.Wow what a difference the new CBM 3 combo makes. Firstly, the compact design easily fits into the boot and the light weight material makes lifting in and out a breeze. Then with just 4 clicks – 1 to open the buggy and then click the 3 wheels into place – and I am ready to head to the first tee. So simple but so smart and the best buggy I have ever pushed around. After the round, the wheels go into their own bag keeping the car clean. Great Australian innovation. - David, Samford Valley, QLD

1 x Vogue Anti-Tip 4th Wheel