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Technical Specs, Inclusions & Reviews

Introducing Concourse Smart Wheels, the worlds first electric powered wheels for Golf. 

The Smart Wheels fit onto many of today’s Push Buggies via a Retrofit Axle conversion kit.

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Power for every Push Buggy

Smart Wheels are the world’s first, remote-controlled,  self-contained drive wheels for your Push Buggy. Inside the hub of each wheel is a sealed powerhouse of advanced technology. Coupled with universal connection that suits almost any push buggy, Concourse Smart Wheels deliver all the benefits of a motorised buggy, without the bulk or the price tag that often comes with them.


  • Concourse CBM3
  • Concourse Vogue Push Buggy
  • ClicGear 3.5 & Rovic
  • BagBoy C3 & BagBoy C3 Swivel
  • Walkinshaw Tri Swivel
  • Caddytek 11.5, Caddytek 15.3, Caddytek ONE Swivel, Caddytek EXPLORE, & Caddytek
  • E.L.K Push Buggy
  • Bix Max IQ

Each Smart Wheel Kit come with the following inclusions

  • 2 x Smart Wheels
  • 1 x Remote Control
  • 1 x Remote Control Holder
  • 1 x Remote Control with padded pouch
  • 1 x Battery Charger and Charging Leads.
  • 1 x Wheel Bag
  • 1 x Retrofit Axle Kit
  • 1 x USB Remote Charging Lead
  • Detailed Instructions
  • 1 x CBM3 4th Wheel Kit (included only for Concourse CBM3.)
  • Motors, Batteries and CPU located within each wheel
  • Efficient power delivery to climb steep golf terrain
  • Dual power units for precision steering
  • Complete Wireless Operation
  • Remote Control with Magnetic Dock
  • Cruise Control to maintain speed up and down hills
  • Will last 18 holes comfortably on all Golf Courses.
  • 3 Hour Recharge
  • Airline travel approval
  • Free wheel mode
  • WiFi updates
  • Patented Ultra Compact design
  • Weight = 4kg per wheel
  • 98Wh batteries – complies under the dangerous good limit for airline travel
  • No messy wires or switches or batteries to deal with
  • Press button wheel release
  • State of the art electronic componentry including sensors, processors, WiFi & Bluetooth

Smart Wheel Features

  • Concourse full directional remote-control system
  • Superior high gloss finish designed to repel dirt and stay cleaner for longer
  • Wheels charge on or off your buggy or inside the optional convenient Carry Case
  • Always stay updated with the latest programme downloads

“Innovation and technological enhancements have made a remarkable impact to the enjoyment of golf. However, it’s rare that something as exciting and so broadly game changing comes along as Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels.”

-Australian Golf Digest

“In a sport filled with technology, innovation and a myriad of gadgets to make you play better or make golf more enjoyable, every so often a product comes along that separates itself from the pack through sheer genius.”

— Australian Golf Digest

“Smart Wheels essentially are the motor and the wheels for your buggy. In other words: it’s not an electric buggy, it’s your buggy being made electric.”

— Australian Golf Digest