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Australian Golf Digest: Wheelie Good

Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels

It’s an Australian idea, manufactured in Australia. And it’ll change the way you navigate your golf course.

In a sport filled with technology, innovation and myriad gadgets to make you play better or make golf more enjoyable, every so often a product comes along that separates itself from the pack through sheer genius.

Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels

Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels is one such invention. So much more than a motorised buggy (yet also so much less than one), Smart Wheels essentially are the motor and the wheels for your buggy. In other words: it’s not an electric buggy, it’s your buggy being made electric.Perhaps most impressive is how Smart Wheels fit to your existing buggy. Smart Wheels users are not forking out money for a new buggy, rather motorising what they already have. So you bought a new buggy with a seat and all the other assorted accessories? Great, it’s not redundant – only the wheels are. And the benefits are real.

Firstly, golfers can keep the buggy of their choice rather than purchasing an entire unit, which has a cost benefit. Secondly: travelling, moving buggies to and from a car and setting up for a round becomes far more convenient as there isn’t a heavy, clunky battery or whole electric buggy unit to juggle.

And even aesthetically, being a completely self-contained wheel set with all the workings discretely contained within the wheel housing, doesn’t pigeonhole users into a bracket of golfers who need help getting around. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the design, technology and outcome instead position the Smart Wheels in the ‘performance enhancement space’, one that aligns with the ambitions of every golfer: a more enjoyable experience where the focus is on playing the game.

Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels

Smart Wheels sought to achieve the best of both worlds – delivering on-course performance that’s top-of-the-game with regards to what an electric buggy can do, plus overcoming the inconveniences and shortfalls that existing electric buggies face. The result is a world-first product, proudly designed, engineered and manufactured
in Australia.

That’s a factor that can’t be oversold. The benefits of being manufactured in one of Australia’s most advanced facilities (Melbourne-based SRX) represents more than just supporting local production and a focus on quality, it means being able to deliver a new level of service with post-sale matters. Should a set of Smart Wheels ever need repair work, there’s no waiting for parts to be shipped from overseas or, worse, an international freight charge (and wait). Instead, any faults or concerns see the wheels returned back to the source with the components built here, aiding a swift turnaround. Plus there’s a certain cachet in being Australian and knowing the technology and concept behind that technology is ‘ours’.

Concourse Golf’s Smart Wheels

To achieve this it’s been a remarkable development journey for Concourse. Not only did the concept chart new territory in form and design, but also functionally on performance, durability and reliability.“Everything we do is intended to deliver the best experience possible for the walking golfer,” says David MacKay from Concourse Golf. “From the start we really pushed the boundaries of design and engineering to make these wheels more capable and versatile than anything ever made – I think we got there.”

Concourse’s Smart Wheels are coming to the Australian marketplace soon with a price tag of $1,399. Compare Smart Wheels to your standard motorised buggy – for weight, bulk, ease of use and cost – and it’s clear there’s a significant new player in the game.