Concourse is revolutionising the way golfers approach the game. We’re committed to developing the tools that make a difference, from the course to the clubhouse. Award-winning innovations like the CBM3 give golfers everywhere the performance they can rely on when perfecting their game.

Our Approach

Compactness and simplicity of operation are the key objectives when designing our products. We combine unique methods and the best materials to deliver our world class products. Aesthetic qualities are intentionally integrated with the form and structure rather than applied as an afterthought – a driver for achieving streamlined elegance.

As a result of highly focussed design our products look good when both deployed and folded.

The designs are compact and unobtrusive as possible without adding to the dimensions of the golf bag for transportation. When deployed, they have sharp, stylish and streamlined looks. When folded they discretely hug the surface of the golf bag becoming one visual item.

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Walking vs Driving

A game of golf has so much to offer, both mentally and physically. When using the right buggy, we believe walking beats driving any day. Here are five reasons why:

  1. It’s healthier
  2. It costs less
  3. You score better
  4. You cause less course damage
  5. It’s more gratifying

If you’re able to make the decision to walk, do it with Concourse.