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Since a humble pebble was first knocked around with a stick on the sand dunes of Scotland’s east coast, golf has seen more innovation than just about any sport.

That pebble was soon upgraded to a wooden ball, then feathers wrapped in leather and a molded ball of tree sap. The hand-carved wooden clubs evolved to have flexible ash or hazel shafts, joined with leather straps to a harder apple or pear-wood heads. Fragments of bone were later lashed to the face, for improved durability and driving range.

In the game’s history, the least developed piece of gear has been the buggy. It only appeared on the private courses of America in the late 1930s, when WW2 took many young caddies away.

Almost a century later, Concourse Golf proudly continues golf’s tradition of enhanced equipment.

We began 2012, with the Mk1 ultra-compact, lightweight buggy – a design that folds and dismantles in seconds, for effortless transportation. It proved an instant hit among progressive players around the world.

Our systems aren’t simply best in class – they’re in a class of their own. Rather than follow the path of other manufacturers, who refine what’s gone before, we reinvent, starting with a clean sheet and designing the optimum equipment from the ground up.

In 2017, this pioneering spirit resulted in the launch of our Smart Wheels S1, a world’s-first, fully self-contained, wireless, remote-controlled, powered wheel system.  With the battery, processor and giro integrated within the wheels, they simply click on and off the buggy.

Better still, they were designed to be compatible with all leading buggies, thanks to custom adaptors.

Four years on, Smart Wheels S2 are the result of constant customer feedback and technical refinement that makes them the pinnacle of product development.

We’re committed to remaining at the forefront of technology. That’s why our wheels have their own dedicated app, that allows infinite improvements via firmware upgrades.

Our mission is simple – to help you focus fully on your game, encumbered by your gear.

If par for the course isn’t good enough for you, there’s only one golfing system worth considering.

Concourse Golf – Stroke of genius.